Southbound Strutt is a band that thrives on keeping the classic 70's feel of a true rock and roll show...Covering bands such as : Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet,  Steppenwolf, Marshall Tucker Band, Steve Miller, Bad Company,  Dr Hook, The Eagles, and Charlie Daniels, just to name a few.

The bands true focus, is writing, and performing their original songs along with the great covers.  The new band lineup has a lot to offer the fans.

Songs like "Teach Her Well" , "Brick Soldier" , and "They Sang Amazing Grace" , have already become  fan favorites, and will no doubt be the bands greatest of what will be a long list of hits! 

The band wants their fans to know, that they are always willing to help out a great cause...Performing for military vet's ,  Child Abuse rides, and anything that helps those in need!  WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!